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Below we have listed many FAQ which we've received since launching our site, please take a look at these before contacting us.

If you wish to contact us then please use the online form placed, note this is a free service and we will ignore spam and may take a few days to reply.

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My Spiritual Directory will not accept, consider, or pay for any unsolicited creative ideas, materials, or respond to offers of marketing and any other paid services.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have forgotten your login details to the event section, please use our 'forgotten' link and we will send you an automated password reset email.

Yes of course, it's 100% free to register and place your listing to our directory. Once registered you can upgrade to become a 'lister', just follow the instructions placed within your lister admin area.

SPtv (Spiritual Psychics TV) is part of the 'My Spiritual' Network and is a non-profit online broadcasting (streaming 7 days a week) channel via Facebook and YouTube. Our channel offers free readings, workshops, tutorials and much more. You can visit our social media pages here: Note you do not have to appear on SPtv to add your services to our free listing directory. Just select No. If you select Yes, we may contact you asking if you like to come on our channel and promote yourself (this is free).

Please register to our directory, visit the listing, and then press the claim button. Complete the relevant information and submit. Once we have checked your details, you will be approved, and then you can update.

Sometimes your emails from us will go into Spam/Junk folders instead of your inbox. You can save the email address we use to send your notification emails into your contact list/address book, to avoid that happening.

To view the country you want, please use the drop down menu 'Country Listing', or use the menu at the bottom of the page. We have placed United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, and United States in our directory. If you would like to see your own country listed, please let us know and we can add this for you.

We are being informed about this issue and are looking into resolving the problem. We feel the issue arises when a user registers using a certain browser (say Chrome), and then clicks the email verification link, another browser opens up, or in mobile phone (say you use Firefox as the default browser) which causes conflictions.

Just follow these simple steps: 1. Register using this link: 2. Once registered an email will automatically be sent to you to confirm its you. 3. Once confirmed, login to the dashboard (you'll see you name in to the top menu). 4. Read the notice on the dashboard about upgrading to a free lister account. 5. We will review your comments and upgrade your account. 6. Once upgraded follow the on-screen instructions or watch the YouTube video tutorial.

Please send us message with your country and we will be more than happy to add this to our system.

We have the following categories which you can add your free listing: Churches and Spiritual Venues Mediums and Readers Healers Spiritual Retreats Shops & Café (like Psychics Café) Beauty and Holistic Once you have completed your 'listing' and it's been approved it will go live. The site will create your page automatically, and you can update as many times as you wish. If you have another suggestion for a category, then please do let us know and if we feel your idea fits within our website, we will add this.