David opened up to his ability a little bit later in life, having lived life and experienced all the things which life had to throw at him which he feels has only been of a benefit to his mediumship. He recalls his mum and aunt telling him that as an 18 month old baby he used to ‘talk’ to the wallpaper, only coming to realise now, it was probably spirit he was talking to. 

David has always had a psychic awareness but just didn't realise it as a kid and young adult growing up. Now, having embraced his ability as a medium and healer, David loves helping people heal and through his readings and healing therapies, and loves seeing the difference that this work is truly able to provide. David works with the ethos of leaving people feeling better than they did before the reading. David works with an honest and down to Earth approach also bringing humour into his work. 

As well as doing private sittings David does many live streams on his Facebook page which he sees as beautiful community of like minded people where he does free readings, live dems and and one of his favourite things to do is to educate his community in the ways of Spirit and bring knowledge and empowerment to his community. 


Service(s) Offered
Mediumistic Readings Other
Mediumship Abilities
Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience Clairalience Claircognisance
Years Active
1-5 years
Reading Location
Zoom WhatsApp
Reading Recorded
No recording allowed
Reading Duration
45 minutes
Group Session
Preferred Times
Afternoons Evenings
Healing Services
Yes Other Healing Thoughts/Prayers Spiritual Healing
1. Mediumship Diploma awarded by the Centre of Excellence
2. Chakra and Aura healing therapy diploma awarded by the Centre of Excellence
3. Angel Healing Therapy diploma awarded by the Centre of Excellence
4. Remote Viewing diploma awarded by the centre of Excellence
5. Intuitive Healing diploma awarded by the centre of Excellence
Charity Services
Depending on event - please contact
Online Teaching In Person Teaching



East London, England E14


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